1 C 8.x Trading company management
1 C 8.x Production plant management
1 C 8.x Salary + Personnel Management (PMA)
1 C 8.x Transport management
1 C 8.x Check and Missing System
1 C 8.x Retail
1 C 8.x Trade Management

online store
1C integration
CRM integration
payment systems
landing page
promo site
corporate website

  • Introduction of typical configurations
  • Development of original solutions for customer requirements
  • Calculation of production costs
  • Planning of energy resources, raw materials resources, employment of work centers
  • Automation of accounting of any branches of economic activity
  • Development and implementation of vehicle management
  • Development and implementation of warehouse logistics
  • Trade Management
  • Inventory control
  • Accounting for Banking and Cash Operations
  • Mutual settlement management
  • Accounting for non-current assets
  • Personnel management and payroll
  • Accounting of production
  • Accounting
  • Tax accounting
  • Formation of the regulated reporting
  • Service maintenance
  • Web site development WP
  • Creating an online store WooCommerce
  • 1C integration
  • CRM integration
  • payment systems
  • Website creation for the company
  • Landing Page
  • Preparation of the technical assignment
  • Professional layout of the site
  • Interface Design
  • Hosting Management
  • Domain Name Registration
    calendar control
  • SEO optimization
  • Promotion
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